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Langruth News 2007

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Jan, 2007

Langruth Views:
Page 1:  Eyvi Smith Awarded for Distinguished Service; Dog Bylaw; Centennial Meeting; North Lakeland Cairn Meeting; Fun Skate; CFAN News
Page 2:  Rena Arksey receives 60 Year Pin from Legion Ladies Auxiliary; Mom Drop-In Group; Gladstone WMCI Band Fruit Sale
Page 3:  Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor-Langruth 2006 Bird Count; Fifty and Beyond News
Page 4:  Church News; Thank You - Steve Huyber; Langruth Views Helpers
Page 5:  News from Here, There and Anywhere (by Teri Soos): Christmas Tree Lighting, Memorial Service for Mary Arksey
Page 6:  News Cont'd: Les Craik, Steve Huyber, Fina Lasson, Einar Sigurdson, Doris Moffat, Doris Sigurdson, Don Frie, Douglas Cooper, Christina Buchan (nee Bloodworth), Jessie Yungkurt, Freda Emberly, Rita Organ, Tom and Michelle Teichroeb, Oscar and Winky Hanneson, Heather Thordarson, Carma Hackewich, Trevor Johanson, Julia and Louis Keleman, Karen and Nick Single
Page 7:  News Cont'd: Keleman, Rinn, Johnson, Soos, Skanderberg, Roy, Jonasson, Chad Hackewich and Crystal Martine were married, Martin Czeranko and Bobbi Hall are engaged, Sage Johanna Smith born to LeeAnn and Eyvi, Patty, Wild; Langruth Elementary School News; Speech Arts Festival; LES Used Book Sale
Page 8:  Thank You - Joe, Velma Verb & Family; Obituary - Mary Elizabeth Arksey (nee Vereb) 1933-2006; Royal Canadian Legion Langruth Branch #162
Page 9:  Ads: Amaranth RCMP Detachment-Janitorial Service Contract; Branch Librarian; Langruth Views Rates; LICDC (Lakeview Initiatives)
Page 10:  Langruth Community Calendar January 2007

 Feb, 2007

Langruth Views:
Page 1: Annual Pancake and Talent Show Feb 20th; Ice Carnival March 4th; Skating Lessons; Skating Schedule; Langruth 16 & Under Hockey Tournament
Page 2: Sage Johanna Smith; Langruth 4H Club: Kopp, Roulette, Lewis; C-FAN
Page 3: Langruth Web Page on the Net-Walter Arksey; Langruth History Book- Help needed: Sharon Arksey; WMCI Grade 9-12 Band Concerts
Page 4: Community Canvass: Rhonda Arnason, Lydia Johnson, Thelma Hanneson, Marsha Lasson; Fifty and Beyond News: Fina Lasson, Barbara Jackson; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Red Breasted Nuthatch
Page 5: Church News; Langruth UCW 2006 Final Report-Rena Arksey, Patricia Copp, Kristin Arksey, Jessie Yungkurt, Ann Craik, Rita Organ, Barbara Jackson, Sheila Olson
Page 6: Langruth Church Board Final Report; North Lakeland Cairn Committee News - Sharon Arksey; Memorium: Gladys Houle
Page 7: Foxon Agencies Ltd.; Lakeside Cairn Committee Doantes to Langruth Centennial; News from Here, There and Anywhere
Page 8: Thank You - Fina Lasson; News Cont'd: Hildebrand, Thompson, Smith, Jackson, Emberly, Vielloux, Poschenrieder, Symesko
Page 9: News Cont'd: Huyber, Hanneson, Einar Sigurdson passed away, Robertshaw legion steward; Municipal News - Big Grass Grazer Co-op
Page 10: Langruth Elementary News - Toronto Travel Group; Langruth Lynx Sports curling; LES important dates
Page 11: Langruth 16 & Under Hockey Tournament; Langruth Views Advertising Rates; LICDC
Page 12: Langruth Community Calendar February 2007

March, 2007

Langruth Views:
Page 1: WMCI Grade 9-12 Band; Langruth Centennial; Langruth History Book
Page 2: Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Short-Eared Owl; Fifty and Beyond News
Page 3: Church News; Pancake Supper and Auction; Thank You - Jeff and Kareena Zanolli
Page 4: RM of Lakeview News: Pasture Committee; Delegations: RCMP, Gary Hill, CJET; Farewell - Gordon and Verla Reed
Page 5: Legion News; Skating Lessons; Langruth Rec Committee; Langruth Elementary News - Lieutenant Governor John Howard reads
Page 6: Kindergarten Registration; PAC Meeting; News from Here, There and Anywhere: Huyber, Rinn, Kelemen, Single
Page 7: Tim Arksey - Wilson, Arksey, Kowalchuck, Penner; News cont'd: Emberly, Arksey, Kovacs, Vereb, Czeranko, Weibe, Bohm, Thomson, Reed, Soos
Page 8: News cont'd: Greening, Einar Sigurdson passed away, Jackson; Langruth Hockey Tournament; March Trivia Night
Page 9: Advertising Rates; LICDC - Lakeview Initiatives; Kinosota Trail Game and Fish Family Fun Day
Page 10: Langruth Community Calendar - March 2007

April, 2007

Langruth Views:
Page 1:  Wanted: Kindergarten students; United We Stand - Langruth School cut backs and staffing reductions
Page 2:  United We Stand cont'd
Page 3:  United We Stand cont'd
Page 4:  Centennial Committe Meeting - April 4th, 2007 at 7:30 in CFAN Building; Heritage Corner - Music: Craig Cassils, Joan Cooney, Doris Sigurdson, Philip Thordarson, Violet Helgason, Cathy Brown, Mandy Armstrong, L. H. Hardy Olson Band Award, Serenaders
Page 5:  Langruth Elementary Band: Crystal Wilson, Sheena Woolford, Alyssa Hill, Leighton Peters, Christopher Rinn, Brad Hyber, Roddy Thordarson and Josh Graham; TOPS News; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Common Mallard; Fifty and Beyond News - Jack Oliver passed away; Rena Arksey, Viola Wild and Ed Patzer in hospital
Page 6:  Church News
Page 7:  Lakeview Initiatives Community Development Corporation Secretary's Report for 2006
Page 8:  Ice Carnival a Success
Page 9:  News from Here and There - by Teri Soos: Jessie Yungkurt, Les and Svava Arksey, Ed Patzer, Dawn Callander
Page 10: News cont'd: Verla Reed, Rena Arksey, Viola Wild, Ed Lasson
Page 11: News cont'd: Neil, Karen, Adam and Eric Single, Mike Keleman,  Emily Wasko, Jack Oliver
Page 12: Langruth Elementary School News: 6,7,8 Class Trip to Toronto; Jump Rope raises $1,730; Book Sale raises $430.
Page 13: Calendar of events - April, 2007

May, 2007

  Langruth Views:
Page 1: Langruth Sports Day 2007; Annual Yard Sale; Kinosota Trail Game & Fish Family Fun Results
Page 2: Thanks from Jim Bohm; MFW Shooting League; Dust Control; Adrianna Bianca Bohm; Grief Support Group
Page 3: Thank You - Bert and Ardeth; Amaranth RCMP Report Crime Stoppers; RCMP - EMS - DOPS Golf
Page 4: Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Eastern Phobe; Fifty and Beyond News: Viola Wild, Henrietta Kleemola, Ken Gardiner
Page 5: Card of Thanks on loss of Gladys Edna Moreau;  Wanted: Photo of North Lakeland School; News from Here and There: Louis Kelemen
Page 6: News cont'd: Alverna Arksey, Rena Arksey, Lyle Armstrong, Robert Johannson, Inez Rinn, Kathy Grant, Pam and John Mullin, Ola Czeranko, Kevin Lelievre, Darrell and DeeDee Armstrong, Wally and Mildred Armstrong, Sharron Arksey, Karen Sigurdson, Phyllis Thordarson, Verla Reed
Page 7: News Cont'd: Michelle and Tom Teichroeb; 4H Club News; Cemetery meeting; Lakeview Initiatives - Restaurant and Motel
Page 8: Langruth Restaurant and Motel benefits; School News: Grade 6, 7 &8 Class Trip to Toronto
Page 9: Boys Singles Champion 3rd year in a row: Chris Rinn wins Badminton Divisionals in MacGregor, Leighton Peters, Alyssa Hill, Doris Roulette, Curtis Sutherland, Presley Beaulieu, Josh Graham, Charles Woolford, Kaylene Craik, Sabrina Kopp, Taralynn Kleemola, Kaitlyn Evans
Page 10: Langruth Calendar May 2007

June, 2007

Langruth Views:
Page 1: Langruth Sports Day 2007, Aug 4th: list of activities; Centennial Update; Centennial Book; Fifty and Beyond News
Page 2: Fifty and Beyond: President- Harry Lazor, Treasurer- Rena Arksey, Secretary- Teri Soos, Cheer- Emily Thompson, and Entertainment- Barbara Jackson; Church News, UCW Anniversary Service; Nature Notes by Raymond O'Connor - Physical Factors - Habitat
Page 3: Legion News; Ad:Foxon Agencies; Annual Legion Barbeque; Legion News: Meat Draw, Happy Hour
Page 4: Ad: Alternative Solutions; News from Here, There and Anywhere by Teri Soos: Viola Wild and Clarence Raincock passed away, Marsha Lasson in Vegas
Page 5: Ad: Bridal Shower in honour of Jessica Kelemen, June 16, 2007
Page 6: News cont'd: Martin Czeranko and Roberta, Rena Arksey, Barry Arksey, Liz Johnson, Ralph Thompson, Philip Thordarson, Thersa Thordarson, Les Craik, Linda Foxon, Gerald Arksey, Iona Lasson, Margorie Soos, Ken Arksey, Rosemarie Carriere; Dan and Cheryl Klassen; Rita Organ, Freda Emberly, John Haddad; Wanted: Langruth Graduate Pictures
Page 7: Langruth Student Wins Gold: Theresa Thordarson in Advance Piano Class; Langruth Elementary News; Odd Job Squad; Advertising Rates
Page 8: Langruth Community Calendar June 2007
Page 9: Community Survey Form for Restaurant in Langruth (Page 1 of 2)- drop off at RM Office by June 30th, 2007.
Page 10: Community Survey Form for Restaurant in Langruth (Page 2 of 2)- drop off at RM Office by June 30th, 2007.

    July, 2007

    Langruth Views:

    Page 1: Langruth Centennial; Family Histories Sought for Book
    Page 2: Threshing Machine Signs; Sports Day Parade; Rickshaw Races; Play Ball
    Page 3: Blindfolded Lawnmower Event; Hole in One Golf; Legion BBQ; Welcome New Teachers: Emory Ashcroft, Kyrstal Nicholls
    Page 4: Fifty and Beyond; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - House Wren
    Page 5: Church News
    Page 6: News from Here, There and Anywhere: Timothy Wilson, Sidney and Linda Smith, Graduates: Erika Brown, April Callander, Jessica Dick, Alan Egilson, Stephanie Eirikson, Jeffrey Jensen, Marty Kelemen, Cheryl Kleemola and Mathew Kleemola.
    Page 7: News cont'd: Clare Pisni, George Hanneson, Gardiner reunion, Betty Oswald, Jim and Donna Stanley
    Page 8: News cont"d: Barry Armstrong, Eleanor (Thompson) Jonischuk, Julia Kelemen
    Page 9: Langruth Sports Day Agenda, Saturday, Aug 4th, 2007. Pancake breakfast at 9:00am, Parade at 10:30, Legion BBQ at 5:30
    Page 10: Langruth Community Calendar July 2007

    August, 2007

    Langruth Views:
    Page 1:  Langruth Fall Fair
    Page 2:  (content detail later)
    Page 3: Killdeer; Fifty and Beyond
    Page 4: (content detail later)
    Page 5: Biblelicious Day Camp; Community Welcomes Becky Kew
    Page 6: (content detail later)
    Page 7: Langruth Mudd Bogg - Sept 2nd
    Page 8: News
    Page 9: News Cont'd
    Page 10: News Cont'd
    Page 11: News Cont'd; High Speed Comes to Langruth
    Page 12: Langruth Community Calendar - August 2007

      Sept, 2007

      Langruth Views:
      Page 1: Get Mugged
      Page 2: Graduates
      Page 3: Langruth Fair
      Page 4: Fair cont'd; Fifty and Beyond News
      Page 5: Church News
      Page 6: News
      Page 7: News cont'd
      Page 8: News cont'd; Sedge Wren by Raymond O'Connor
      Page 9: Craft Sale
      Page 10: Subscription Rates
      Page 11: Calendar
      Page 12: Langruth Herald - Feb 1, 1923

      Oct, 2007

      Langruth Views:
      Page 1: Nothing Beats Country Living - Dallas Jonasson; Community Fall Supper Oct 14th; Former Resident and Family Experience Tornado-Valerie and Clarence Leschied
      Page 2: Legion News-Quad Derby, Pork Supper and Banquet
      Page 3: Graduates Cheryl Kleemola and Mathew Kleemola; Pre-School Registration; Foxon Agencies Ltd
      Page 4: Langruth Students Shine at WMCI Awards Night; Nature Notes by Raymond O'Connor-Black Tern
      Page 5: Church News; Fifty and Beyond News
      Page 6: News
      Page 7: News cont'd; Annual Langruth Craft Sale - Dec 1st
      Page 8: News cont'd; Langruth Elementary News; From Mr Ashcroft's Desk; Welcome Back from Your Trustee-Marlene Craik
      Page 9: Free Family Movie Night; Addresses Needed; Wanted: Langruth Team Uniforms
      Page 10: Langruth Calendar - Oct, 2007

      Nov, 2007

      <>Langruth Views:
      Page 1:  New Restaurant Opening in Langruth; Light up your Life
      Page 2: Proposal for new Water System; GIS Mapping; Committee Reports; Pasture; Transportation; Snow Removal
      Page 3:  Nature Note from Raymond - Sora Rail; Church News
      Page 4:  Fifty and Beyond News; Congratulations Graduates, Jeff Jensen
      Page 5:  News; Legion
      Page 6:  News cont'd; LES News
      Page 7:  Book Fair Report; Sports; Student Council Update
      Page 8:  WMCI Grad Tea; Crimestoppers - break-in Dec 24th, 2006
      Page 9:  Family Movie Night; 4H News; Christmas Shopping Opportunity
      Page 10:  Calendar

      Dec, 2007

      Langruth Views:
      Page 1:  History of Langruth's Tree Lighting
      Page 2:  Community Christmas Greetings; Skating Schedule; Skating Lessons
      Page 3:  RM News
      Page 4:  The Quantrill Family Commited to Conserving Wild Space for Tomorrow
      Page 5:  Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Greater Yellowlegs; Fifty and Beyond News
      Page 6:  Church News
      Page 7:  Amaranth RCMP News; News from Here and There
      Page 8:  News Cont'd
      Page 9:  School News
      Page 10:  Gladstone Music and Arts Festival; Legion Supper; Our Community
      Page 11:  Mortlach, Saskatchewan
      Page 12:  Mortlach cont'd
      Page 13:  The Night Before Christmas - by a peace keeping soldier stationed overseas
      Page 14:  Langruth Calendar

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